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       The purpose of this site is to provide an inexpensive way to distribute information about our class and class members.  It contains  up-to-date information to locate old classmates and other information that individuals might like to share about themselves.  For those who have misplaced their Spice yearbook it provides a means to replace some of what was lost.  The site is password protected to restrict access.  

        Feel free to browse this site and provide comments/complaints, constructive suggestions for improvement, and information you wish to share about yourself.  If you have a personal website,  provide the URL and I will link it to your page on this site.  If your data is not correctly displayed, let me know what needs to be corrected, added or deleted.  If you want any pictures (self, spouse, children, noteworthy event, etc.) displayed send them as email attachments (I prefer jpg or gif files).  I do have the ability to scan pictures, but we need to keep this to a minimum to avoid possible damage or loss of the originals.

        Although not all class members have computers and home access to the internet, you might visit your children (who probably have access) or try your local library to access the internet.

       This site is best viewed with I.E 5.0 or newer.    Other browsers will work but may not support all of the features.

          Address website comments to wetzel@comcast.net with info copy to banagle25@comcast.net

          Address Reunion and all other issues to Alice and the Reunion Committee at banagle25@comcast.net



Norristown High School 1957 Football Suburban League Champions 50 Year Reunion


Norristown Area High School



Norristown Area High School

Hall of Champions Association



The World in 1960 (infoplease)

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