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Extracts from Spice

Class of 1960

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Class Sponsor - Mr. E. Ray Shank

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June 20, 1989

Members of the Class of 1960:

     By the time you read this page of Spice, you will have completed all of your academic requirements for graduation. Only two prerequisites remain: baccalaureate and commencement.

     Many times high school students, laboring under a misapprehension of fact, consider commencement as the end of education in their lives. This is really not the case. Commencement for high school students is only the culmination of twelve years of school work which is the broad basic foundation or preparation for life. Actually, commencement should be the unfolding of a broader horizon, pushing back the foothills and revealing the goal upon which one's eyes must be set.

     Regardless of your calling-whether it be to college, and then a profession, the business world, a trade, or any other phase of our economic life-always keep in mind that you have an obligation to fulfill to yourself and to society.

     This message will be the last one given formally by me to you, the members of the Class of 1960. Therefore, I should like to challenge you to accept the responsibilities of life as they present themselves, to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, to apply yourself with diligence at all times, to strive continually to overcome all obstacles, and finally, to realize that if you wish to achieve, you must maintain a positive approach as you face the problems and seek the proper solutions.

     Each year as a class prepares for graduation we are warned that the nation faces some grave problem. These statements must be predicated upon the assumption that the youth of the nation might not be able to meet the challenges which present themselves.' I am convinced that as long as the graduating youth of the nation retain their belief in God and are dedicated to the proposition that each one is the master of his fate and the captain of his soul there will be no need to fear the problems facing the present generation.

     I consider the sponsorship of this class as one of the highlights of my teaching career. I have enjoyed working with the officers, the Congress, and the members of the class in trying to solve the problems that faced us during the past three years and reflect with pleasure on the memories of the assemblies, the proms, and the banquet.
May I express my best wishes to all of you for a happy and prosperous future

Senior Congress

scongress.gif (91010 bytes)

Row 1: Sarah Platt, Janice Boone. 
Row II: Jacquelyne Davis, Mary Ballard, Jean Wiedinmyer, Frances Schall. 
Row III: Ruthann Smiley, Carole Parker, Anna Fulmer, Barbara Beyer, Jane Chantry, Jean Oulton. 
Row IV: Jane Palmer, Suzanne Bean, Patricia Corley, Joan Hay, Sandra Hartenstine, Janet Roberts, Ann Tyler, Josephine Cusumano. 
Row V: Donna Santillo, Elizabeth Kidd, Kathryn Todd, Sarah Wood, Susan Conrad, Catherine McFarland, Sarah Keck, Patricia Nerlino, Charlotte Parrish, Lois Wentzel. 
Row V1: Girard Sisca, John Karcher, Wilson Tucker, Carl Daddona, Samuel Miller, Frank Bishop, Wilson Henley, Brent Wall, James Kapetsky, Lawrence Reed, Jay Freyman.


Honor Society

honor.gif (101247 bytes)

Row 1: Roxanne Gelet. 
Row II: Tracy Mark, Ellen Quietmeyer, Jean Wiedinmyer. 
Row III: Barbara Lewis, Judith Hartenstine, Carole Parker, Ruthann Roshong, Joan Tyson, Linnea Raine. 
Row IV: Samuel Miller, Robert Humphreys, Keith Reichenbach, Jay Freyman, Frank Caiola, Jay Smith. 
Row V: Barry Howe, James Clayton, Lawrence Reed, Harry Evans, Frank Bishop.


Class Will & Prophecy

Class Will

The Class of 1960, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath the following: 

Tracy Mark leaves her dissected frog to Peggy Reifsnyder.
Mary Young her piano ability to Louise Rose.
Sue Kephart leaves her skirt lengths to Wendy Daniels.
Brent Wall leaves his howling to Mr. Allen. 
Sandy McQuirns leaves her voice to Joan Ottinger
Harry Evans leaves his astounding editorials to the "Lampoon."
Patti Ca hill leaves her ability leaves her ability to draw blood to Karl Rhoads.
Richard Runyon leaves 50 pounds to George Hughs.
Patsy Williams leaves her warm personality to Martha Wright.
Mary Ballard leaves her charm to Marty Glenn.
Margie Belzer leaves her shorthand notebook to anyone who can decipher it.
George Heuer leaves his ability to stay in school to Walter Bodge.
Betsy Kidd leaves her height to Peggy Wentzel.
Jackie Davis leaves her rebel banner to Ralph Ellis.
Jim Clayton leaves his deep voice to Mr. Long.
Frank Strouse leaves his sax to Ray Philipps. 
Sally Wood leaves her acting ability to Marilyn Monroe.
Tom Kochenderfer leaves his German to Hitler.
Ruthann Smiley leaves her shaa to Esther Carr.
Ben Ungerleider leaves his New York phone calls to the girls in Florida.
Kathy Todd leaves her sexy wave to Lynn McCawley.
Sherry Finkelstein leaves her sneakers to Mr. Pappas to burn.
Jim Brady leaves his tin shears to anyone who's about to cut tin.
Theresa Warner leaves library hours to Bonnie Quinty and Alice Gotsch.
Anna Fulmer leaves her comptometer to anyone who wants it.
Jay Freyman leaves his stellar book reviews for publication in the Scribbler.
Larry Reed leaves his speaking ability to Jim Foster.
Don Cione leaves his dancing ability to Jimmy Whitem.
Ellen Quietmeyer leaves her flirtations with Bill Ledger to Ruth Whitby.
Linnea Raine leaves her art ability to Mr. Herr.
Frank Caiola leaves his debating ability to George Yahraes.  
John Bown leaves his broad shoulders to Mickey Monaster.
Barbara Latimer leaves her swimming ability to Mr. Ames while Sam Miller leaves his ability to Mrs. Terrant.
Rody Stumpf leaves Fidel Castro to the Rapid Shave, Inc.
John George III, leaveshis Chevy to anyone who will take it.
Gail Crooks leaves her ponytail to Chris William.
Larry Hill leaves his Bell Telephone car to Alexander Graham Bell. 
Donna Lee Santillo leaves her smile to Linda Young.
Tolly Gelet leaves her heiaht to Maraie Thomas.
Barry Howe leaves his curly hair to John Heacock.
Ruthanne Roshong leaves her acting ability to Lee Emery.
Bob Humphreys leaves his camera to William Bosler.
Sylvia Lyter gives back the P. A. to Mr. Kost.
Joanne Anderson leaves her fingernails.
Dottie Grisdale leaves her homemaking ability to Sarah Stem.
Bill Horne will just leave.

Class Prophecy

Doctor Harry Evans is reported doing very well as Editor-in-Chief of the South Philly edition of the Daily News.
Joan Tyson is singing in a Broadway musical while John Bown sits in the orchestra pit with his guitar.
Jim Clayton is rocking the nation, singing the the ballad which he wrote entitled "I Get Tipsy."
Richard Riley has just decided to stop working on an Asian flu vaccine, after killing five monkeys and an alligator, in the past week.
Bill Ledger has received world-wide acclaim for his radio communications with the residents of Mars.  The thing that puzzles most people is how he can understand their language when he can't even speak English.
You remember Ruth Ann Roshong swimming on the stage in the Senior play, now she has the part of Peter Pan and is flying through the air.
Susan Williams caused a riot in the operating room the other day when the doctor asked her to administer oxygen to the patient. She got the wrong tank and gave him laughing gas-
Because she worked so diligently with the photographer for Spice pictures, Amy Waldman has landed the same job with Mad Magazine
Paul Shellenberger  is being chased by the Warriors.  It seems that it took him an awful long time to make it, but now he's six feet, eight inches tall.
Remember when Jay Smith helped to put on the demonstration of fake professional wrestling? Well now, after being on television for two years, he swares to all announcers that it is on the level.
After enjoying Art so much in High School Maribeth McNally signed a contract to draw pictures for Wrigley gum commercials.
Joe Martino reminisces about those glorious days on the  soccer field when he used to send three or four of the opposing team's players to the hospital each game.  Usually,  it was the same story when he was playing his heart out.
When Joan Hay joined the Wacs, Nick Salvatore joined the Army.  Their planning didn't work out so well; Joan was shipped to Hawaii and Nick to the South Pole.
When she was going to college, Tracy Mark disliked her biology teacher so much that she almost dissected him with the rest of the rats.
And last, but not least, Mr. Shank is frantically trying to get that perpetual smell of moth-balls out of his tuxedo, so he may come to the reunion.





Tho' the earth be filled with flowers,
         Most beautiful and sweet;
And the roses and the lilies
          Hide the pathway at our feet;
Oh, the blue and white shy violets
          Will e'er be our delight,
For they wear the loyal colors
          Of our Emblem-Blue and White.

In all kinds of school athletics
          No honor do we lack,
For to Norristown we're giving
          Victories won on field and track;'
With a spirit never conquered,
          For N.H.S. we fight,
And we never growl at being
          Black and blue for Blue and White.

When our three-year course is ended
           And we leave our school so dear,
We will make the world take notice
          Of our challenge-"Look, who's here;'
For we've learned that white means pureness
          And blue means worth and right,
And our lives shall be the witness
          Of our love for Blue and White.

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