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Gloria Rich

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From: "Gloria Rich" <> To: "Alice Nagle" <> Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 22:21:25 -0500 Subject: Class of 60

Alice, I just had to write and thank you and the committee for the wonderful reunion you planned and carried out. Everyone had a wonderful time. You all outdid yourselves!! It couldn't have been better. The evening went so fast, we all wished it would have lasted longer. I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen since High School and it was a surprise to see so many people there.

Jane Willard Kuneck's son Joseph had such a good time he said to sign him up for the next reunion in five years. He's still talking about how much fun he had. He didn't realize he could enjoy being with his mom's friends from school because he thought we would be so old. He was surprised to hear some of the stories we told him about how it was back then and how cool we thought we were. Jane had a wonderful time too. Many people stopped by to talk with her and she loved seeing so many old friends. She doesn't get out much because of her MS so it is a very special occasion for her to go to these reunions. She felt very special that entire evening. She also loved all the complements on her oh so handsome son.

Everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable evening, even my husband who wasn't in our class enjoyed the evening. It was wonderful to talk to people even though at first you may not have known who they were. Those name tags with our pictures were great. Without them I probably wouldn't have known who half the people were.

Speaking of pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic website that Dave Wetzel put up for us. I spent an evening going through it and felt like I had already been to the reunion before it even occurred. I can hardly wait to see the pictures that were taken at the reunion. I'll be sure to show them to some of my friends who attended but who don't have a computer. Dave must have spent a lot of time doing that and I wanted to let him know it is very much appreciated.

There were so many little touches that made our 40th Reunion very special. Thanks for all the time and effort you all put into a very memorable evening!!! We are very fortunate that we have always had active committees

Juno e-mail printed Fri, 3 Nov 2000 11:24:26 , page 2 to plan reunions every five years. Some classes are not that fortunate.

Gloria Wiedoff Rich

Jim & Gloria Rich



Debie & John MacIntyre

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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 14:04:26 -0500


Hi Alice! John and I just wanted to say "thank you" for a great class reunion! We really enjoyed ourselves and it was fun seeing old friends and catching up with Joe Horning and his wife along with Charlie and Jane. You did a wonderful job of pulling everything together. Our room was great too! Thanks again! Debi and John Maclntyre



Dan DiPasquale

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From: To: Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:58:24 EST Subject: Class of "60" reunion


Thanks for all your hard work to make Last Saturday a success,

-Dan DiPasquale-



Roselyn Kubasik

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Thanks for a great 40th Class Reunion! You did a beautiful job. From registration to the last dance, you didn't miss a beat to ensure fond memories of our three years at NAHS - including the beautiful souvenir paper weight, Class directory, great band; and, of course the excellent website

thank you, Dave, for that.

Hosting the cocktail party and donating the baskets of cheer is beyond anything we could have anticipated.

Again, thank you for a Special Evening. I had a wonderful time.

Roselyn Kubasik



Cathy Crooks

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From: "Crooks, Kathy" <> To: "'"' <> Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:24:10 -0500 Subject: Reunion

Just wanted to thank you for all you did for the class reunion. It was a grand success! Your work really made the evening wonderful. Thanks so much.


Kathy :)



Fritz Baesman

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From: Fritz Baesman <> To: <>, <> Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 10:57:50 -0800 Subject: Whereabouts of Dennis McGee...

Hi Alice and Dave...

It was a fun reunion! I really had a great time; it was worth the trip east from Seattle. Thank you much for all your work in helping to make it happen.

I noticed that you have Dennis McGee listed among the "missing". He, (and his wife, Lois,) are alive and well. I believe their address is:

Dennis and Lois McGee
1530 Lydon Court
Clarkston, WA 99403

They moved there from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho a couple of years ago. We get together every now and then.

Thanks again for your efforts in making the reunion happen. Bye.

Fritz Baesman




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