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Class of 1960

Statistics etc.





   Intra-Class Marriages

bishopf27_small.jpg (2212 bytes) Frank&Sue.jpg (34484 bytes) conrads68_small.jpg (2324 bytes) bown39_small.jpg (2132 bytes) tyson372_small.jpg (2376 bytes)
Frank Bishop - Susan Conrad John Bown - Joan Tyson
brandis42_small.jpg (2455 bytes) kriebel197_small.jpg (2431 bytes) zxbrooke906.jpg (13933 bytes)  beans16_small.jpg (2295 bytes)
Robert Brandis - Beatrice Kriebel (deceased) Paul Brooke - Suzanne Bean
dean89_small.jpg (2176 bytes)  schall330_small.jpg (2201 bytes) espenship107_small.jpg (2431 bytes)  keir183_small.jpg (2266 bytes)
James Dean - Frances Schall Carl Espenship - Lynn Keir
howe167_small.jpg (2699 bytes)  ballard9_small.jpg (2233 bytes) jeanguenin174_small.jpg (2384 bytes) oertel277_small.jpg (2258 bytes)
Barry Howe - Mary Ballard Charles Jeanguenin - Elizabeth Oertel
raker301_small.jpg (2313 bytes)  klag189_small.jpg (2218 bytes) reinl309_small.jpg (2231 bytes) R319.jpg (52445 bytes) conradd67_small.jpg (2332 bytes)
George Raker - Sallie Klag Charles Reinl - Donna Conard
tucker368_small.jpg (2389 bytes) desante93_small.jpg (2276 bytes) webb384_small.jpg (2278 bytes) hartenstines146_small.jpg (2133 bytes)
Wilson Tucker - Susan DeSante Barry Webb - Sandra Hartenstine
rabuck299.jpg (25825 bytes) cioffo59.jpg (28904 bytes) bates13.jpg (29919 bytes) slayton345.jpg (33858 bytes)
William Rabuck - Doris Cioffo Robert R. Bates - Janis Slayton


dipasquale99_small.jpg (2194 bytes)  santillo328_small.jpg (2346 bytes) ramboa302.jpg (35044 bytes) rittenhousee312.jpg (31962 bytes)
Daniel DiPasquale - Donna Santillo Archie Rambo - Betsy Rittenhouse
Divorced Divorced
ernst106_small.jpg (2130 bytes)  warner381_small.jpg (2261 bytes) shawr339.jpg (37040 bytes) mccluen240.jpg (30800 bytes)
Thomas Ernst - Theresa Warner Robert Shaw - Esther McCluen
Divorced Divorced

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anderson3_small.jpg (2253 bytes) bailey6_small.jpg (2110 bytes)
Ginger Acker Joanne Anderson Francis Bailey
beyerj25_small.jpg (2295 bytes)
Richard V. Baker Linda Baldwin John Beyer
billitto26_small.jpg (2412 bytes) blockson30_small.jpg (2327 bytes) book33_small.jpg (2284 bytes)
Charles Billitto Patricia Blockson Steve Book
brandt43.jpg (52537 bytes)
Janice Boone William E. Boorse William Brandt
zxcarr933.jpg (348891 bytes)
Carol Carr Richard Carter Marva Chavous
cione60_small.jpg (2249 bytes)
Dominic Cione Carole Clemens Gary C Clemens
conroy69_small.jpg (2183 bytes)
James Conroy Elizabeth Corson James S. Dean
demeno92_small.jpg (2302 bytes) dibussolo97.jpg (26437 bytes)
Joseph DeMeno Joanne DeVito Harry J. DiBussolo
No Photo
Michael DiBussolo Pasquale DiGrazio Helen Drexler
farris109_small.jpg (2341 bytes)
William Durante Carrol Farris Sherry Finkelstein
george125_small.jpg (2324 bytes)
Kenneth Finwood Robert Gazona John George, III
zxgoldberg912.jpg (775970 bytes)
Carol Goldberg Jiles Griffen David Griffin
grisdaled133.jpg (34037 bytes) hauser147_small.jpg (2238 bytes)
Barbara Grisdale Dorothy Grisdale John Hauser
00zxhendershot914.jpg (32495 bytes)
Robert Heiser Rheita Hendershot James Hildebrand
kriebel197_small.jpg (2431 bytes)
Robert Holtzhausser Charles Jeanguenin Beatrice Kriebel
Carol Lawrence Linda Lee Sandra Loughlin
lyter222_small.jpg (2270 bytes) mcgrath245_small.jpg (2272 bytes) michnerp253_small.jpg (2361 bytes)
Sylvia Lyter John McGrath Paul Michener
No Photo No Photo
William Michener John Munyan Bernard "Nod" Murray
pecharo286_small.jpg (2307 bytes)
John Robert Nonemaker Steven Norcross Mark Pecharo
No Photo perry289_small.jpg (2300 bytes)
Arthur Jeffrey Perkins Sally Ann Perry Roger Place
powers296_small.jpg (2265 bytes)
Patricia Lee Powers Linnea Raine Richard L Riley
No Photo No Photo
Dennis Roden John Rothenberger Charles Santangelo
shawe338_small.jpg (2210 bytes) sorber350_small.jpg (2238 bytes)
Kathleen T. Baldassano (Sergio) Elsie Shaw Richard Sorber
speacht351_small.jpg (2312 bytes) zxspence927.jpg (301913 bytes)
William Speacht Charles Speelhoffer Roberta Spence
sullivan363_small.jpg (2285 bytes) ungerleider373_small.jpg (2420 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan Wilson "Butch" Tucker Benjamin Ungerleider
vaneerdewegh374_small.jpg (2501 bytes)
Antone VanEeerdewegh David Watters Charlie Weber
wentz391_small.jpg (2392 bytes)
Doris Wentz Virginia Wesler Jane Willard
williamsp404_small.jpg (2243 bytes) youngmv415_small.jpg (2214 bytes)
Patricia Williams Mary V. Young Sylvester Young, Jr.
  Total Count = 84  

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Michael R. Davis    
Judith Haller Suttmiller    
Allan I. Howard    
Michael Hummel    
John Jaklik Jr.    
Ray W. James    
John Meixner    
Francis Paskel    
Doris Preble    
David Lee Stewart    
Current Total = 10    

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Bits & Pieces


10/17/1970 - Notes about Class Members from 1970

04/30/1981 - Alumni in Hall of Champions

FRANK R. BISHOP, D.D.S., a member of the class of 1960. Bishop was also a three sport athlete, with varsity letters in football, basketball and baseball. He was a member of the 1957 undefeated football team, quarterback in 1958-59; a guard on the basketball team from 1957 to 1960; and Suburban League high scorer in his senior year. While at Norristown High he pitched four no-hit baseball games, two of them in a row in his junior year. He won several school awards and was a pitcher on two All-Suburban teams.

bishopf27_small.jpg (2212 bytes)

09/28/1985 - Hi-Eye Highlights of the Class of 1960 in 1985

10/13/1995 - Atlas Travel celebrates 30 years

11/05/1999 - Alumni in Hall of Champions

howe167_small.jpg (2402 bytes)

        millers257_small.jpg (2319 bytes)

12/12/2001 - Class Member on National TV

Religion.jpg (326181 bytes)

The Right Rev. Barry R. Howe, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri and a Norristown native, will officiate during the opening "Liturgy of. the Word" for the Christmas Eve service to be broadcast nationwide on the CBS Television Network.

The one-hour telecast is set for 11:35 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24. The service will be set at Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Howe's diocesan cathedral, in Kansas City, Mo. and will welcome guests and members of the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) from the greater Kansas City area. A congregation of more than 500 people is expected.

This will be the first national broadcast of a joint Lutheran-Episcopal service since the denominations entered into their "full communion" partnership on Jan. 1.

In addition to Howe, bishops from the Kansas City metropolitan area who will participate in the service are Bishop, William Smalley, Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, and Bishop Gerald Mansholt, Evangelical Lutheran Central States Synod. Smalley will preach and Mansholt will preside during the celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

Lutherans and Episcopalians, laity and clergy, will share roles in the service as lectors, prayer intercessors, musicians, acolytes and as chalice bearers administering communion.

"Full communion" between the two churches was approved by their national governing assemblies - the ELCA in 1999 and the Episcopal Church in 2000, capping 30 years of theological dialogue and discussion of mutual opportunities for ministry.

The agreement provides for full interchangeability of clergy and the sharing of ministry and sacraments between the 2.3 million-member Episcopal Church and the 5.2 million-member ELCA. Since the first of this year, ELCA and Episcopal clergy have been able to serve in either church's ministries, at the invitation of a bishop.

A 1960, graduate of Norristown High School, Howe is a member of the school's Hall of Fame. He received his undergraduate degree from Gettysburg College, graduated from Philadelphia Divinity School and received his Th.D. from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn.

He began his ministry as an assistant pastor at St. David's Episcopal Church, Radnor, and served churches in Siesta Key, Orlando, and Winter Park, Fla., as well as South Hamilton, Mass., before becoming dean of the Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Fla. He was ordained bishop in 1999.

7/29/2005 - Class Member in the News

The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks Lodge 714 donates fans to the Montco Senior Adult Activity Center in Norristown Wednesday. Donating the fans are, from left, Larry Reed, site manager of the Montco SAAC, Brenda, Sheppard, lecturing knight, Nicholas Sheppard and Mark Sheppard, past president and funding coordinator. The Elks gave $200 to begin the "Beat the Heat" fund with additional support from area businesses to help seniors stay cool in the climbing temperatures.



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